Tailor Made

There’s nothing that excites us more than the challenge of engineering intricate forms, designing custom details, and devising solutions to ‘impossible’ problems.

WOOD-SKIN’s custom surfaces are carefully tailored to the need of the project and the designer. Possibilities are endless and only limited by geometry and imagination, still, here you can find some inspirations coming from the vast world of rigid origami.

A four steps process to bring your impossibile 3d shape to life

1. Design

Thanks to our software, we are able to discretize the shapes defining your concept and transform them first into rigid origami surfaces, then, into datas for our machines.

2. Tesselation and Engineering

Choose each layer, create the perfect smart composite material for your project with the help of our material experts.

3. Production

One revolutionary step of production to create complex 3D shapes.

Curious about our production process? Watch the video

4. Assembly

Easy to shape and install with by our certified installers or with the supervision of one of our team members.

If you want more technical details for design and installation, check out these case studies of previously realised Tailor Made projects.

Suspended ceilings





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Wood-skin in use

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WOOD–SKIN isn’t simply beautiful

All WOOD–SKIN products are available in an acoustic version. Top performance is achieved thanks to the right mix of materials and surface perforation in order to satisfy even the most demanding client, without aesthetic compromises.

WOOD–SKIN is also customizable with:

2D / CAD


For many architects, designers and engineers 3D, 2D and CAD modelling is an essential tool for visualising design for upcoming projects. .dwg .pdf .ai .png

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Our Tailor Made catalogue is compressed for desktop viewing and allows the catalogue to be sent in an email or you can view and download our latest web brochure. Last but not least, download the Tailor Made technical manual to discover the mounting and installation information. .pdf

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