We explore sustainable solutions that pervade every part of the design process to minimize environmental impact. There are common threads among departments: sourcing high-end certified materials, reducing waste through smart production, using low VOC emitting materials and adhesives.

Besides, the flat shipping rate curtails the carbon footprint linked to logistics and reduces transportation costs. Thus, we’ve actively been moving important steps towards sustainability. Since it represents a process and cannot be achieved una tantum, such a goal is embedded into the company’s philosophy. Collaboration and transparency between partners and manufacturers are paramount and are fostered by means of functional intelligence and core values. One future aim is to accomplish “zero-miles” production thanks to the digital nature of the patented process.

The implementation of diffuse manufacturing will sustain local production along with domestic demands for raw materials, avoiding long-distance shipments and consequently abating emissions. The supply chain is at the centre of the long-term vision: from materials procurement to manufacturing, packaging, and logistics. One of our main values is its ability to evolve. We will tirelessly pursue new strategies to achieve a long-term sustainable impact. Sustainability is gained one step at a time and we've committed to the challenge.

FSC® Certificate

Since January 2020 we’ve joined the list of FSC®certified Italian companies. The materials employed for the composite creation come from forests where natural diversity is protected and preserved. Our best interest also lies in local communities and workers, whose rights must be respected.
Contact us to receive the updated list of FSC® materials.

Sustainable goals

Thanks to our patented technology, all our production, and design methods are sustainable from both an environmental and social perspective.

1. Functional intelligence

To ensure quality and sustainability in production processes and work sites, we commit to the following objectives:

  • Fostering close collaboration and transparency with partners and manufacturers.
  • Using local materials wherever possible to minimize our environmental impact.
  • Using long life materials that are certified or materials from suppliers with an environmentally-conscious focus.
  • Smart production with less material waste
  • Flat shipping

2. Dry assembly

WOOD-SKIN® designs remain functional over time, thanks to a dry assembly method tested over years of projects and installations. This, in addition to allowing rapid installation, allows for an equally rapid dismantling of the surface without affecting its technical and aesthetic properties. This solution, studied and perfected over a long period, allows WOOD-SKIN membranes to be reused for new and different applications.

3. Functional intelligence

We support and collaborate on projects that redefine boundaries within the building industry by developing environmentally friendly solutions.

4. Diffuse manufacturing

n the future, WOOD-SKIN will be even more sustainable. Thanks to the digital nature of our patented process, one of our future aims is to achieve “zero kilometer” production. This will allow us to:

  • sustain local production and manufacturing
  • use local resources
  • avoid long-distance shipments
  • reduce emissions

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Planting trees

We started a collaboration with an Italian firm that supports farmers who want to plant fruit trees, financing their work in the early years, when the trees are not yet productive. Thanks to Treedom, we already have a tiny forest composed of 400 trees, that will grow with us in the years to come. We have committed to planting 1 tree for every 10m2 of WOOD-SKIN produced for each project

WOOD-SKIN forest
400 trees

62.000 kg of
CO2 captured

Trees planted
in Kenya and Camerun

Is giving work
to 23 local farmers