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DESIGN : Il Prisma

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Mesh Panels


Doors and openings

For the new Volkswagen Financial Services headquarters, the architecture and planning firm Il Prisma developed the ‘Sense of Adventure’ design concept. A project that winds through the interior spaces designed to give the sense and direction of the adventure, and to respond to the needs – of both the corporate world and the company employees – such as communication, well-being, a sense of belonging and innovation. Thus was born a space intended as a path of identity, to be explored and shared.

The support areas, characterized by the polygonal shapes of the external walls, imitate rock walls to evoke an adventure environment. For the creation of these spaces, the architecture and planning firm Il Prisma found the perfect ally in WOOD-SKIN.

Natural materials such as wood, material textures, shape and colour contrast all combine to create an open, informal and interactive look and feel.

From the ground floor to the top floor, the spaces are characterized by WOOD-SKIN products that stand out inside the rooms thanks to the chromatic contrast. All the WOOD-SKIN elements are realised in blue MDF.

A Tailor-Made counter winds through the large entrance area, enveloping the ceiling and merging into a wall covering that perfectly frames the lift area.

From the first floor onwards, the long walls covered with the Mesh Sheet product with Digital pattern guide the visitor into an informal and heterogeneous space, active and flexible.


MATERIAL: Varnished blue MDF

Wood-skin in use

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