THON Hotel Snø

HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN : MONN Interior Architects by Justyna Tosiek & Jan-Mikael Modig

MATERIAL and FINISH : Laminated okoume with Homapal Lava

CUSTOMER : Thon Hotel Snø & Rainbow Hotels by Georgios Skouroliakos

W–S DISTRIBUTOR IN NORWAY : Konzept K AS by Heidi Taran Knardahl

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Fold Panels



Nestled within the sophisticated confines of Thon Hotel Sno, a masterpiece of design innovation graces the atmosphere - a meticulously crafted paneled wall, infused with an artistic blend of technology and opulence. This captivating piece is adorned with our Fold Panels O-gami No (56 panels adorning the 70m2 wall), meticulously crafted from laminated okoumè, marking an intersection where traditional elegance meets contemporary innovation.

Every panel is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, cloaked in a mesmerizing laminate by Homapal. As part of their esteemed new collection, this 'lava' laminate is not just a visual spectacle but a sensory journey. Infused with a tridimensional texture, it mimics the enigmatic dance of molten rock, gleaming with the rich, metallic hues of silver and gold. It encapsulates the volatile elegance of lava, with its raw, untethered grace contained and presented as a testament to controlled beauty.

Undoubtedly, embracing the 'lava' laminate was a venture into the uncharted terrains of design. With its complex, three-dimensional texture, it poised a challenge - a call to transcend conventional boundaries, which we met with unyielding fervor and skill. At our studio, challenges aren’t shunned but ardently welcomed. We delved deep, mastering the intricate dance of precision and artistry to not just meet but exceed expectations.

The culmination of this intricate ballet is a panelled wall that doesn’t just adorn but transforms space. It is double-tridimensional - an ode to the harmonious alliance of cutting-edge innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. The laminated okoumè, enriched with the laminate's texture, invokes a visceral experience, drawing observers into an immersive spectacle of light and shadow, form and fluidity.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Konzept K AS – Heidi Taran Knardahl and John C Kristiansen

Wood-skin in use

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