SHI'S | Wood Skin



MATERIAL : Ultra-thin reconstituted wood

FINISH : Clear coat

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Fold Panels


Fold Panels

' ...presenting themselves with refined, cosy and well-maintained locations, so that from their very first entrance, they guide the customer to fully experience the Oriental world in a knowledgeable way but always feeling at ease. '

- Shi's team

Fold Panels are the protagonists in the new restaurant of the Shi's chain in one of Milan's newest retail spaces. One of Shi's objectives is to bring a bit of Japanese tradition to its premises, through an atmosphere with oriental overtones in which customers can enjoy an immersive experience. With their sharp shapes, the Fold Panels cut through the air and cast plays of light and shadow, just like the shoji paper doors inside Japanese houses. WOOD-SKIN is inspired by the sharp folds, geometric forms and incisions of Origami in Japanese culture, giving new life to the ceiling of the space.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Andrea Segliani

Wood-skin in use

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