DESIGN : Atelier Phileas

PRODUCT : Tailor Made Cloth

MATERIAL : Laminate


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Tailor Made



In the heart of the Champagne wine region of France, perfectly integrated into the landscape, stands the renovated ‘Pommery-style’ home (built in 1890) of the Pressoria, originally a facility where grapes were pressed. Today, it is a center for the sensory interpretation of wines curated by Atelier Phileas, who chose WOOD—SKIN to cover the entire ceiling of the entrance hall.

Careful attention to the definition of forms, materials, and colors led to the creation of an organic and sinuous surface that echoes the topography of the surrounding vineyards.

Architecture, landscape, and scenography come together to offer an immersive sensory experience that combines memory, knowledge, and wonder. The concepts of immersion and continuity are also taken up in the surface treatment of the WOOD—SKIN ceiling, where decorative engravings alternate with functional perforations that also serve to ensure the perfect integration of the lighting and other systems.

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Wood-skin in use

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