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PRODUCT : Tailor Made #Geode

MATERIAL : Varnished Okoumè

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Step into a world where nature and architecture meld seamlessly, nestled within the pristine terrains of León’s side of the Picos de Europa. Unveiling its allure, the new visitor centre emerges as a gem amidst the wilderness, second in line after the iconic 'La Fonseya' information centre that graced Oseja de Sajambre in 2019.

Spanning a grand expanse of 3,490.17 square metres, the centre in Posada de Valdeón is an epitome of architectural finesse and natural elegance. Here, every square inch is a narrative of the symbiotic coexistence of man and nature, echoing the whispers of the woods and the silent roars of the majestic mountains.

Wander through its two distinct realms - the multifunctional area, a sublime ensemble of basement and ground floor, and the visitor’s haven that unfolds across the ground, first, and second floors. Witness a dance of spaces, each step drawing you closer to nature’s embrace, each turn a revelation of ecological wonders.

At the heart of this architectural marvel is an atrium. This is where the Tailor Made Geode surface by WOOD-SKIN comes to life, created with earthy tones and the natural vibrations of okoumè wood. It is not just a surface, it is a canvas where every wood grain tells a story, and every contour is a path leading to the mystical forest. It may recall the grandeur of a low-poly tree or, perhaps, its gigantic roots. Every element of W-S is a reflection, an echo of the mountain ranges that stand as silent sentinels of the outside environment.

Welcome to a refuge where every corner is a passageway for exploration, every view a picturesque rendezvous of art and natural splendour. The new visitor centre is not just a structure, but an odyssey, a journey through the enchanted realms of the Picos de Europa, a sanctuary where the deep silences of nature speak louder.

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