Lebkov & Sons | Wood Skin

Lebkov & Sons

Amsterdam Zuidas

DESIGN : Studio Akkerhuis

CLIENT : Lebkov & Sons

PRODUCT : Tailor Made Cloth

MATERIAL : Birch plywood

FINISH : Clear coat


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Tailor Made



Studio Akkerhuis collaborated with the owner of Lebkov & Sons to develop the 5th cafè, which is designed to be a shared kitchen-living space. 

The space features a unique Lebkov pattern consisting of black and light-colored squares, which is now reinvented using W—S technology, and used to create wooden panels with engraved patterns that give organic shapes to covered furnitures.

The black-and-wood cladding provides uniformity to the space and creates unexpected movements in the furniture and walls. The Lebkov pattern is also present in the open storage, which is a modular steel structure that displays fresh products and coffee beans in shelves and boxes made from folded W—S square modules. The combination of wood, concrete, and steel, along with a discreet lighting design, creates a warm, authentic, and unified atmosphere.

Overall, the mix of materials and design elements creates a comfortable and welcoming environment, making it a truly special "third place" for everyone to enjoy.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Corentin Haubruge

Wood-skin in use

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