DESIGN : Quadri fiore Architecture

PRODUCT : Tailor Made Cloth

MATERIAL : Okoume plywood

FINISH : White laminate

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Tailor Made


Doors and openings

Designed by Quadri Fiore Architecture, this mind-bending tessellated entrance shows the potential of our very own Tailor Made Cloth when it comes to creating a new generation of spaces that appear to defy the laws of physics, shaped only by the architect’s creativity.

The massive tessellation was studied to perfectly integrate windows, arches, spotlights, and doors in a complex design process that was smoothly carried out in collaboration with our design team and our software. The white laminated okumè wood balances the more impactful and bright yellow wall, creating continuity with the already existing wooden walls and floor.

This installation required the use of Tailor Made surfaces to customize the shapes in order to wrap the complex architectural openings, beams, and stairs. While the end result appears completely free-form, we were able to predict the macro behavior of WOOD—SKIN thanks to our digital version of the material and therefore make sure that such an intricate form would have come smoothly to life during installation. We like to think that such a piece, which looks so cutting-edge today, will become a classic over time, and that different forms, materials, trends, and fabrication methods will allow the creation of a new set of values, eventually based less on precious materials and opulence and more on smart, material-driven sustainability.

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Wood-skin in use

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