Casa Ojalà

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DESIGN : Beatrice Bonzanigo

PRODUCT : Tailor Made Fluid

MATERIAL : Okoume plywood

FINISH : Veneer

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Tailor Made



A home that becomes travel, much more than architecture and trends of living, disrupting the traditional coordinates, turning volume into a show, a choice of freedom.

Engineering that appears to be fictional, so advanced that it becomes the poetry of flexibility. A manual mechanism composed of ropes handles made of soft natural leather, pulleys and cranks in a Jules Verne style. Echoing that Nautilus of inventions, for assonance with the nautical realm, so dear to the creator. The carousel of magic invented by Beatrice Bonzanigo rolls up and unrolls walls of illusion. For an inspiration of genius, which allows equatorial okumè wood to be wrapped around a cylinder.

Leonardesque gears, rollable interior WOOD-SKIN®️ walls that dematerialize sliding on invisible binaries, retractable beds, even the toilette, through intriguing hatches, handled by unexpected winches, of stainless steel.

Once again WOOD-SKIN technology simplifies the creation of a challenging idea, making possible what once was not, Mesh Sheets become the keystone for the realisation of this amazing project.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Luca Miserocchi

Wood-skin in use

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