DESIGN : Atelier Flow

PRODUCT : Tailor Made Fluid

MATERIAL : Okoume plywood

FINISH : Veneer

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Tailor Made



Accuracy, a well-known and respected financial advisory firm, turned to Atelier Flow for the construction of its new 3,000 m² headquarters on Avenue Matignon in Paris. With a particular focus on the areas dedicated to clients and its employees, the company wanted to build a high-end but friendly and dynamic space, where the careful design in shapes and material combinations enhances and makes the company's identity visually strong.

Concrete, metal, white marble and printed glass harmonize perfectly with the wave ceiling realized in WOOD-SKIN in veneered Okoume. 

Behind the fluid and simple shape of the ceiling, there is an accurate and millimetric parametric study able to integrate naturally lighting and aeration systems. Holes and inspection hatches are one with the sinuous surface, becoming visible and invisible elements at the same time.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Frederic Atlan

Wood-skin in use

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