Acoustic performances

WOOD–SKIN surfaces can offer high-performance acoustic absorption and diffusion thanks to the possibility to perforate the surface and the right choice of an acoustic backing. Customized perforation patterns for your project can be implemented in order to match your needs. Additionally, the natural 3D shapes of our surfaces offer great diffusion and scattering performances.

WOOD-SKIN Acoustic is the latest innovation in our product line. The full range of WOOD-SKIN surfaces is now even more functional, offering significantly improved acoustic performance which therefore improves the sound quality and experience of the spaces we occupy. WOOD-SKIN’s unique features make it a new-generation acoustic product that combines multiple properties in a single solution which would otherwise require a number of more specialized and less versatile products.

Design your very own acoustic experiences

With WOOD-SKIN you can customize the acoustic performance of your space down to the millimeter, for a result that is both visually stunning and technically impeccable.

Thanks to the digital nature of WOOD-SKIN, it is possible to enrich our surfaces with variable perforation density, creating areas with specific performance criteria. Sound-absorbing materials positioned on the back follow the underlying form organically, creating a controlled system capable of adapting to the demands of any acoustic project. The result is a product that tells a story with elegance, through a defined and controlled design concept, as opposed to last-minute acoustic adjustments. A solution that adapts not only to the form of a given space, but to the acoustic experience that it is intended to provide.


We offer a variety of acoustic integration and additional surface treatment options to enhance the sound quality of your project.



The acoustic tests of WOOD—SKIN products are summarized in this short PDF.


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Mid-Hi Frequencies Absorption

14-18% of surface perforation perfect for speaking sound absorption in space like auditorium, restaurant, lobbies, offices, open spaces and many more

Low frequencies absorption

6-10% of surface perforation perfect for low frequency sounds in space like concert halls, recording studio and any space with specific acoustic needs

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