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Products and services

All our products and services are rooted into our patented technology. Three different solutions to serve different needs in terms of aesthetic, budget and performances.

Fold Panels

Ready to use yet fully customizable

Three different lines of panels with ten different patterns are just a starting point. Combine our pre-designed solutions or configure your very own panel to create unique 3-dimensional coverings.

Mesh Panels

A new generation of 3D and free-form surfaces for interiors

Flat sheets of many different materials that can be folded – like paper or fabric – into solid and reliable architectural surfaces.

Tailor Made

No matter how crazy your design is, we can bring it to life with Wood-Skin®

If you’re looking for an ad-hoc solution, our team of experts is here to help. We collaborate with architects and contractors all around the world to design and build the next generation of 3D surfaces for interior architecture.

WOOD–SKIN isn’t simply beautiful

All WOOD–SKIN products are available in an acoustic version. Top performance is achieved thanks to the right mix of materials and surface perforation in order to satisfy even the most demanding client, without aesthetic compromises.

WOOD–SKIN is also customizable with:



Your ultimate guide to unlocking the full potential of our products. Packed with detailed technical specifications, assembly instructions, and design insights, this manual empowers you to effortlessly create stunning architectural masterpieces while ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.



A remarkable collection that seamlessly blends nature and innovation, offering a wide range of customizable materials and finishes, including the exciting new Tailor Made categories. Explore the timeless beauty of materials reimagined with cutting-edge technology, and elevate your design possibilities to new heights with our expanded selection.


Materials Certifications

This document is intended as a guide and useful tool to specify the right material for the manufacturing of a W—S composite according to design and sustainable requirements. Explore a curated selection of meticulously chosen materials to enhance your projects, ensuring quality, sustainability and endless design possibilities at your fingertips.


maintenance and care

This document acts as a manual for the appropriate upkeep and handling of the materials and finishes used to create W-S composite, safeguarding their durability and peak performance.



A valuable resource that provides an up-to-date collection of our recommended materials, complete with certifications from trusted suppliers.



Relaxing and comfortable. Functional and beautiful. Let's be inspired by the new Inspirational book




This document is composed of a list of Do’s and Don’t that define the boundaries within which customers can act while creating any type of communication

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