W—S MIMESIS @ Convey Project | Wood Skin

16 Apr 2023

W—S MIMESIS @ Convey Project

Milano Design Week 2023

Intriguing elements in an unexpected location

17th—23rd April 


via dell’Aprica 12


The philosophical term of the Greeks to define the origin and essence of art in its many forms (sounds, words, figures). Art is, in their concept, an imitation of nature around men.
Mimesis is a high imitation: in order to belong deeply to reality and imitate nature, it is necessary to have understood both in an equally profound way.
The WOOD-SKIN elements are 'immersed' within the Convey Project. Sometimes they blend in and hide while other times they become captivating decorative details as coloured flowers attracting bees thanks to shapes, geometries and material/chromatic choices.


Set over more than 1,000 square metres, a selection of design companies will communicate their values through new products, installations, and other activities aimed at the reference community.

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