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1 Oct 2019

The Italian Way Product Design Award

#TheItalianWay brings you the third edition of The Italian Way Product Design Award.

This initiative challenges designers to create an original and functional piece of furniture, inspired by Italian traditions and effortless style. The brief is specifically focused on conceptualising a product that could be used in a rooftop hospitality setting and enhances the viewing experience. The competition is running in partnership with renowned architect Andrea Morgante and design pioneers WOOD-SKIN.

If your design is selected you will receive a $5,000 cash prize and it will come to life with a full-scale prototype being produced. 

The criteria for the success of each entry is based on several characteristics, not only creative excellence but also innovation and commercial viability. 

  1. The object should promote interaction between the user and the rooftop/ views.

  2. The object should belong uniquely to a rooftop terrace, i.e. its function and appearance to blend seamlessly with all those typical activities that define the rooftop realm.

  3. The object/ design could help to enhance a selected view or visual direction.

  4. The object should be easy to transport and ideally demountable as rooftops have often restricted access (lift or staircase).

  5. The object should take in account outdoor weather conditions (avoid water collection, providing shade, protection from wind?).

  6. The object could investigate a mobile, lightweight furniture concept, so that rooftop customers could take the object with them in their favourite terrace spot.

  7. The object should be free-standing without the need for ground fixings and be a maximum height of 150cm.

  8. Please refer to the WOOD-SKIN tech pack.


The criteria for success are based not only on an ability to translate the brief and creative excellence but also on innovation and commercial viability. Applicants should consider the following characteristics in their submissions:

Aesthetics – Is design aesthetically impressive for a hospitality setting.

Rooftop hospitality –  How does the design enhance consumers viewing experience.

Innovation – How does the design make the best use of the game-changing technology of Wood-Skin Mesh Sheets

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