Hybrid Acoustic Surfaces

WOOD-SKIN technology enables the creation and performance characterization of absorbent, diffusive and hybrid surfaces. Customize acoustic properties, in terms of absorption, diffusion and specular reflection in specific frequency ranges, to meet the performance objectives of existing interiors by creating various acoustic surfaces within the same material system.

Parametric Acoustic Design

How acoustic treatment integrates with architecture becomes an important issue, as, in addition to its appearance, each project has a performance goal, e.g., achieving intelligible speech or clear, enveloping music. The goal is to develop a new integrated digital approach aimed at architects and designers that allows control and modulation of interior acoustics through a tailored material system that meets programmatic, performance, and user needs.

Such a system provides the means to create variable acoustic conditions and performance within the same material system.

Computational design and digital fabrication offer designers and architects the ability to represent and simulate acoustic performance with remarkable accuracy and to customize and control the properties of materials and geometry.

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Acoustic Panels

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